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Welcome to MIRROSOFT.NET software

  • Networking and Billing software for doctors

    Empowering software for healthcare providers

    We produce software products for two very different types of endusers.

    Health Care Providers:  In addition to medical billing software, we design and maintain social networking software for non-MD non-DO doctors (chiropractors, dentists, podiatrists, etc.).  Our networking application is called statedoctor.net.  As doctors and their trade organizations generally do business at the state level, we believe we are meeting a large overlooked need.

    We provide practice and client management software for travelling physicians and providers.  Our software enables unparalleled service to clients while greatly streamlining and simplifying work. (See CollectIt! to the left under Products)

    Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers:  This is subdivided into two areas as well.

    • 1. Software to uniquely automate and speed digital image post-processing.
    • 2. A future web application that will allow naturalists to create online "wild spaces."  Here users will be able to upload and share content descriptive of local natural places.


    Please take a look at our products and other projects on the left pane.  You can submit an inquiry by clicking "Request Info" up top.

  • 03/18/09 The Texas Chiropractic Network

    The Texas Chiropractic Network has launched successfully and is growing!  3 months in and we have had 410 successful doctor activation.  See the site here:

    Texas Chiropractic Network

  • 05/28/09 Texas Chiropractic Network

    Name change.  This one sounds more like something you can link up to.  It is a bit easier to remember too.

    March 2010 update:  Name changed again.  We are now to be known as The Texas Chiropractic Network, or TCN for short.  Texas ChiroNet already exists and is a provider services company in Fort Worth, TX.  Wouldn't want to encroach on their brand.

  • 06/01/09 CollectIt! goes EMR

    CollectIt! will now have an online interface that will be available to occmed clinics and their contracted employers.  Care United in North Central Texas is currently evaluating our system for their EMR online data access pages.

  • TCN project concept adopted by TCA District 5

    The Texas Chiropractic Association's 5th and largest district has committed to supporting the TCN.  THANK YOU!  All 9 members of the district board agreed to support the project's inception.  Next stop the TCA state board and the Parker College of Chiropractic!

  • Phototaxonomy desktop database application revived.

    After 6 years and 10 months, Graham Mandeno, MS Access MVP has agreed to resume development of this one of a kind biological taxonomy and systematics application.  We could not be any luckier to have him back.  Full description of this marvelous application coming soon.

    Here is a screenshot of the Taxon Browser form.

  • Work injury and electrodiagnostics templates nearing initial release

    With the latest round of updates, our newest templates are now the undisputed leaders in their class.  8 years in the making, these templates provide the foundation for the best provider reports available in the US.  Our 3 templates include a full series for each of the following.

    1. EMG/NCV
    2. Functional Capacity Evaluation
    3. Impairment/Designated Doctor

    Reports are all data linked to CollectIt! Medical Accounting RE.  Full details and samples will be posted soon.

  • 06/20/12 Statedoctor.net (Texas Chiropractic Network)


    Successful site launch

    TCN reaches 410 doctor activations!  Prominent personal injury attorney Ed Hensley joins our team of consultants.  Billing and credentialing expert Carolyn Sloan also joined!  Site use continues to climb.